Report from Jordan, Day #3: Meeting with Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. Warns of the “spread of extremism & terrorism,” especially amidst Syrian “disaster.”

Part #3

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Interviewing Jordan's Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh in his office in Amman. Interviewing Jordan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh in his office in Amman.

(Amman, Jordan) — The “disaster” in Syria could lead to the “spread of extremism and terrorism,” says a senior Jordanian official, urging the international community to do more to “step up” and help negotiate a political solution while providing much-needed additional financial resources to deal with the humanitarian crisis.

On Saturday, I interviewed Jordan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. I hope to transcribe and publish the full interview soon. For now, let me highlight some of the key points he made about the Syrian crisis and how it is affecting the Hashemite Kingdom and the region.

Some 1.3 million men, women and children have fled from the devastating civil war in Syria to Jordan in the last four years, Judeh (pronounced “Juday”) told me. This includes some 600,000 “registered” refugees, but there are another 700,000 who are not officially registered with the Jordanian government.


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