Boy Scouts Face Monumental Loss After Choice to Allow Openly-Gay Members

‘It’s Not a Hate Thing’: Boy Scouts Face Monumental Loss After Choice to Allow Openly-Gay Members

Its Not a Hate Thing: Boy Scouts Face Monumental Loss After Choice to Allow Openly Gay Members | Southern Baptists

Credit: AP

The Boy Scouts of America’s decision to allow openly-gay young men to participate in the organization is already spawning some major membership problems.

While those in support of the new-found policy are frustrated that gay leaders are still not permitted to take part, others who oppose the amendment believe that the group is abandoning its Christian heritage. Among the denominations that may cut off support for the Scouts is the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Church leaders, according to CNN, are planning to urge the religious order’s 45,000 congregations and 16 million members to officially cut ties with the Boy Scouts. Considering that 4,000 units are currently sponsored by the SBC, this would be a monumental loss for the organization — one that would impact 100,000 young men who participate through this denomination.

This month, the SBC plans to vote on a non-binding resolution at a convention in Houston. The effort will take place on June 11 or 12. And the provision, according to insiders, has a good chance of passing.

“There’s a 100% chance that there will be a resolution about disaffiliation at the convention and a 100% chance that 99% of people will vote for it,” Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptists’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, told CNN. “Southern Baptists are going to be leaving the Boy Scouts en masse.”

The SBC has emphasized that even if a resolution is voted upon, that it is up to local affiliates to make decisions about scouting. That said, if Land is correct, the mere non-binding proclamation would have a major impact on the SBC and the Boy Scouts — and it would surely change the relationship between the two parties.

Pastor Tim Reed of First Baptist Church is among those who believe the Scouts should have never changed their rules.

“God’s word explicitly says homosexuality is a choice, a sin,” Reed, who decided to cut his church’s ties with the Scouts, told a CNN affiliate. “It’s not a hate thing here. It’s a moral stance we must take as a Southern Baptist church.”

Watch him discuss the matter, below:

Last week, TheBlaze explored the impact of the Boy Scouts’ decision to allow openly-gay youths. While many view it as a inclusive step, others, like the SBC, fear that it runs counter to the values and morals embedded in the Christian faith. It is likely that many groups will flock to alternative organizations or start their own organiations similar to the Scouts — but with a more faith-based message.

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2 Responses to Boy Scouts Face Monumental Loss After Choice to Allow Openly-Gay Members

  1. Hamilton Osgarathe says:

    I would hope that ALL churches, regardless of denomination, would stop hosting scout troops. If the homosexual crowd wants the scouts to be inclusive of that abnormal, sinful, lifestyle, then they can host them. I don’t hate homosexuals, thieves, murderers, fornicators, adulterers, etc. I love the sinner, hate the sin. But if you want to condone that habitual, sinful, lifestyle, then don’t expect the church to support you.

  2. Troop113 says:

    “its not a hate thing” — true, but it may be a “callous thing” (Callous = Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others) Boy scouts have long performed service in their community, and typically for the benefit of their sponsor. All that time, activists showed a cruel disregard for boy scouts calling them names like hitler youth wanna be’s for not letting in gays. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Christians are stepping up to show that they can be as equally callous as the activists with regard to kicking scouts to the curb. Hey, it’s their right to behave ungraciously towards scouts who have a 103 year track record of doing their best to do their duty to God and to help other people at all times. What’s more impressive is even as the scouts get kicked to the curb, they’re being courteous, kind, obedient and cheerful despite the in-hospitality.

    At the end of the day, Pastors want scouts out of their churches. That’s their choice and right. So can anyone tell me why they condone Christians sending their children to public schools where the indoctrination in an officially godless institution embraces “day of silence” rallies, “gender-bender cross dressing days” and sex-ed classes on why homosexuality ought to be considered normal? (none of which exists in scouting presently). Thirty years of open/avowed pushing of an agenda through public schools, but only a chance that a gay youth might show up at a scout meeting and we kick them to the curb. Who does that help — the adult volunteers who’ve faithfully given their time to help boys become responsible men? No. The currently enrolled boys doing service projects at the church? No. If a gay youth showed up at the church’s own youth group meeting and wanted to keep coming back, would we fire the youth pastor and close down the youth group?

    I like Hamilton Osgarathe’s comment — “if you want to condone that habitual, sinful, lifestyle, then don’t expect the church to support you” — so ignoring Deut 6:6-8 by sending kids to public school (in it’s present anti-Christ form) isn’t habitual, sinful, lifestyle? If we render our children as gifts from God (psalm 127) to Caesar should we be surprised when they come home as Romans instead of Christians? Who is accountable for that result? The principal? The teachers? The Parents? The Church who sat quietly by collecting tithes and ignoring the moral wasteland of the public school? So get your sons out of scouting and scouting out of your church, but please, homeschool them or send them to a truly bible-based private school, too!

    The next time you’re stuck on the side of the road and a boy scout helps you, please just say thank you and move along. We’ve already forgiven you for the lack of hospitality demonstrated towards those of us that pushed hard to avoid this change in the first place (Heb 13:2; 1 Peter 4:9; Matt 25:34-46; Rom 12:13; Luke 10:25-37)

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