America’s Last Chance

English: I took photo with Canon camera.

English: I took photo with Canon camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Subject: : America’s Last Chance
By:  Paul C.
Wildwood, Florida

Every American should read this!!!

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America’s Last Chance  9/14/12

Throughout history, every great nation or power before us has either totally fallen or has been reduced to just “another country”. It’s hard for Americans to think of our great United States, the greatest power in the 20 th century, falling from our rank as the most powerful nation in the world to being just “another country”, or worse. But it’s possible – and highly likely. Almost every American today cannot remember when there was even a question whether we were the greatest, most powerful nation that has ever existed. Our forefathers and some of you have proven the greatness of this country many times.
But no-one can deny that things are changing. We are no longer a nation respected by almost every other country in the world. We are hated, despised, and ridiculed by many people – even those that we have aided – not only in the past, but currently. Even worse –


He cannot continue to favor a nation that has drifted so far from Godly principles. Biblical history shows this to be true.
We are quickly headed to a disaster of our own making. Since WW II, we have allowed our laws, policies, and morals to decay to a point that a righteous God must turn His back on us. He cannot condone what is taking place in America today. Some of our greatest enemies of the past predicted that we would fall from within. And it’s happening right now – not maybe – not in the future – BUT NOW!
God is no longer a part of our government or schools. He may not even have much presence in some churches or “religious” organizations. Even when the name God is used or there is a public prayer, it’s often only a formality or part of a ritual – and very often – used in vain. .
This is not a political message. All political parties, all churches, and (at least – almost) every American must accept a part of the blame. Most of us have allowed – if not contributed to – our own moral decay.
I don’t believe either presidential candidate, congress, any politician, any policy maker, or any judge can do anything to turn our country around now. We have gone too far. It’s too late for human hands to make a difference. Anything man tries to do in his own power will fail. At this point, anything we try to do to make a dramatic change in our future would probably be against some law that we now have in place that was “designed to make this a better country”.
Something dramatic must take place. And it can only come from God.
Let’s take our eyes off the politicians and stop finger-pointing. That will only divert attention from what’s important at this critical stage of American history and it will accomplish exactly NOTHING! We don’t want to go down in the history books as another nation that fell – this time from within.
God said:
If My people who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then wil I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
II Chronicles 7:14  KJV

That’s powerful. But with God, all things are possible.
Can anyone doubt that America is a land of “wicked ways” and filled with sin? But God says that if we Christians will humble ourselves and seek His face, He will forgive us and heal our land.

I am not an alarmist or an activist of any kind. I have never done anything like this and will probably be mocked and sneered at as a “crack-pot”. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a born again Christian, a sinner saved by grace. It doesn’t matter what church I attend and I don’t pretend to be a saint or great spiritual person. I believe that God gave me the urgent desire as I was lying awake a couple of nights ago to share this with all who will listen. I don’t have a following that I can use to start a great revival.
But it is time that we as Christians throughout America join together and call on the only true God that exists and that can save our once great nation. Only when we admit that we are helpless and can rely only on God to restore our country will we have a bright future – maybe ANY future. .
We Christians must put aside all of our political differences. Denominations must all recognize that God is our source and pull together to restore our nation as the God fearing people we once were. We – YOU – are the only hope that America has. We are the only hope that our children and grandchildren have to live in the same kind of country that we have known in the not too distant past.
I encourage each individual to begin fervently praying and calling on God to intervene and reverse the great tragedy that we have set in motion. I would ask each of you to share this with your pastors or other spiritual leaders and ask them to get your church body to pray together that we might be saved.
To all spiritual leaders: I believe that this urgent need is greater than anything you can promote in your churches except the salvation of lost souls. Please encourage your people to pray and fast (if their physical condition will allow it) for our nation and our children’s future.
We talk about our children being the first generation that may not be “better off” financially than their parents. But even worse would be that they didn’t have the great nation that we have known to grow up in. Each generation for many years has seen a better, stronger nation. But that’s about to change if we don’t seek God’s face and seek forgiveness.
How long should we pray and fast?

,,, The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:16   KJV

Effectual means to have power to accomplish something. Fervent means enthusiastic or intent on accomplishing something. An occasional quick prayer to God isn’t going to turn our nation around. We must be committed to continue in prayer and supplication until we see God reverse the trend that we are on now.
We as a nation must pray hard and long – with faith – believing that it’s not too late for God to perform a miracle and turn a wicked nation back to a God fearing nation. How long? As long as it takes. I would hope that the November election would be the turning point. But if that were to happen, the president – whoever he may be – would get the credit. I believe that it may take much longer. We’ve slid a long way. It won’t happen overnight. But we must be perseverant as we wait on the Lord. Be still and know that He is God.
Then when God does save us, we must continue to pray for our nation and each other – thanking Him for what He has done and asking that He will continue to work in us according to His plan for a great, Godly nation.
I will pray that someone with great influence – a Godly man with no personal baggage – will take this mission and go forward, bringing the whole nation together in prayer and fasting. But we must be united whether God appoints one man or not. I pray that no-one go off in his or her own way. Pray for a great leader to rise up and lead us in a joint petition to God that we might be saved. And pray hard and fast yourself if you can.
I will send this to all my contacts and look for more to send it to. I hope each of you will do the same. I don’t do chain letters, but If ever there was a one with great possible results, this could be the one at the top of the list.
May God bless you and this country.

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2 Responses to America’s Last Chance

  1. Jeff Andras says:

    Funny thing is if we look at the history of God’s intervention with His people He has but on way of answering the prayer of “turning a wicked nation” around. It is through the process for which are on our horizon–Invasion by foreign armies (the sword) and natural disaster (the land spitting us out).

    There is a difference between what you say in the first part (Christians REPENTING) and in the second where you make a call to prayer.

    As the sheppards of the flock, we as Christians have a RESPONSABILITY to allow the Holy Spirit, through the STRENGTH of Christ, to transform US so we may, by EXAMPLE, lead the prisoners (of this sinful world) into the freedom of a relationship with Him.

    This has been the responsability of God’s people since the begining. It is no different today. As long as we as Christians don’t accept that every covenant made between God and His missionaries is cumulative in an attempt to make it easier to be who He expects us to be we will never be the sheppards the world needs.

    He has told us we will fail and that in the end He will come and do what neither Jew nor Christian was able to accomplish. He has told us that in that day both Jew and Christian will drop to their knees in repentence for what we have not allowed ourselves to become. Then, under His government, He will send His people back out into the world to do what were have not been able to do. Be His people.
    God bless.

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