Why Florida’s Governor Rejects Obamacare

Just a few thoughts concerning a letter that was published on July 4th in the Ridge Manor paper.
Thanks for all you do in our community,

The Ridge Manor News,

I recently read a letter to the editor in this weekly publication, and I thought it prudent to share a few facts lest everyone just assume what people write is always true.

#1. When discussing the decision by at least 15 Governors to not extend their states medicaid program as the Federal Government has mandated through Obamacare, I am amused when someone says that the free health care will be paid for with “free money from the federal government.” There simply are no free lunches. The Federal government does not generate revenue nor create a profit in any form. They generate money to pay for services by taxing people like you and I, unless of course you pay no federal income tax. I am all for some much-needed health care reform but not through a socialist system that has already been proven to be unsustainable. If you need proof, look no farther that Europe.

#2. The Governors of all 50 states must operate within a balanced budget according to their constitutions. The Federal government does not have to operate that way; hence in the last four years we have added $6.3 trillion in federal debt with $5 trillion fully on Obama’s watch. I may not like every decision Gov. Scott makes but I do expect him to balance Florida’s budget.

#3. A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court did not “uphold Obamacare” but ruled that the “personal mandate” was indeed a tax. What that means is simply that If this socialist program is not fully repealed, the Feds will tax the citizens to pay for a program that the majority of citizens have repeatedly said they do not want.

#4. Our country is drowning in debt. We currently have $15.884 trillion of debt, and climbing every second. When you include the SS liability, prescription drug liability and Medicare liability the total amount of unfunded debt in this country is $119.748 trillion. That equates to $1,050,688 per taxpayer. How can anyone possibly think that this is sustainable?

We as a citizenry are morally corrupt in thinking that this spending spree is acceptable. My great grandchildren will still be paying on this debt if our representatives don’t start acting like rational adults and cut spending (yes that does mean unnecessary programs) and live within a balanced budget. From WW II to Obama the federal spending had never exceeded 23.5% of GDP. The average for the Bush years was 19.6%. It has stayed above 23.5% under the current administration. In 2008 the debt held by the public was 40.5% of GDP. Its now 74.2% and rising.

I am very appreciative that Florida has a governor that understands business and is willing to make hard choices to keep our state solvent. If only the citizens understood how dangerous all of this debt really is.


Paul Williams

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3 Responses to Why Florida’s Governor Rejects Obamacare

  1. Billy says:

    Well spoken Mr. Williams.

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