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The Creation Account    Genesis 1–2
The First Sin    Genesis 3
The First Murder    Genesis 4:1–15
Noah and the Flood    Genesis 6–9
The Tower of Babel    Genesis 11:1–9
The Call of Abraham    Genesis 12:1–9
The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah    Genesis 19:1–28
Abraham Offers Isaac    Genesis 22
The Jacob Story    Genesis 25:19–35:29
The Joseph Story    Genesis 37–50
Israel Crosses the Sea    Exodus 14
The Ten Commandments    Exodus 20:1–17; Deuteronomy 5:1–21
The Tabernacle Constructed    Exodus 40
Sacrificial Offerings    Leviticus 1–7
Spying out Canaan    Numbers 13–14
Balaam and Balak    Numbers 22–24
A Prophet Like Moses To Come    Deuteronomy 13
Rahab Helps Israel    Joshua 2
The Walls of Jericho Fall    Joshua 6
The Sun Stands Still    Joshua 10
Deborah’s Song    Judges 5
Gideon    Judges 6–8
Jotham’s Fable    Judges 9:7–20
Jephthah’s Daughter    Judges 11
Samson    Judges 13–16
Ruth    Ruth 1–4
The Call of Samuel    1 Samuel 3
Saul the First King    1 Samuel 8–11

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