Spirit-Filled Simple

Last summer I posted once about how much I loved working through Jerry Bridges’ study guide to The Discipline of Grace (here).

Well, I have recently picked it back up and decided to read through it again. It’s about time.

I’ve realized in the past year that I don’t often have a right understanding of grace in my own life. Bridges notes, “we have relegated the gospel to the unbeliever and foisted duties of spiritual disciplines, holiness, and service onto the believer.” Why is that?

Think with me: Do you feel like you have “good” days and “bad” days spiritually? Does that affect how confident you are that God will bless you and use you for his mission on that day? When you think back on days when you performed either very “good” spiritually or just the opposite, did God’s blessing seem more real or more remote to you on one day than the other?

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