Meeting with Dr. Hugh Ross

Below is a great snapshot of the weekend with Dr. Hugh Ross. This was written by Pastor Ed.

Saturday, November 21.
·       Denounced Evolution.
·       Affirmed God created all that is.
·       God’s creation was specifically and intentionally made for humans.
o      All the things necessary for life had been aligned miraculously by God’s Word and Will at the right time for human life.
·       When God destroys Satan and Evil, He will create a New Heaven and Earth that will be perfected, sin-free, and with access to God for all eternity with no limits of space and time.
·       God values, loves, and cares for us.
Sunday, November 22  (9:15)
·       Text was Genesis One.
·       The Creation account was affirmed just like the scriptures said it happened, and in the order that scripture says.  Dr. Ross referred to creation accounts in Job, Psalms, Isaiah, Romans, Revelation and other scriptural references that demonstrate not only the accuracy of Genesis One, but also of the consistency of Genesis One with other scripture.
o      Attention was given to the Hebrew language of Genesis One as a way to expound on the creation account recorded there.
·       It was explained that a scientific look at nature/creation itself reveals a knowledge of God, and His existence. (Romans 1:20 (18-27))
·       It was explained that science and the Bible are not automatic enemies, due to the fact that God Created the universe and Inspired the Bible.  Therefore both can and are consistent with each other, i.e. a look at God’s majestic creation is consistent with what the Bible says about it.  At the same time it was explained how bad-science, such as evolution, is false as well as any science that denies God.
·       Dr. Ross affirmed that God’s Word is without error, and that nature and creation itself is consistent with God’s Word . . . Indeed, they must agree, because the universe is God’s handiwork, and the Bible is God-Breathed.
(It should be noted that Dr. Ross referred to the controversy between the Old-Earth creation model, and the Young-Earth creation model.  He explained that an Old-Earth/Universe is based on the Hebrew vocabulary and grammar of Genesis One, as well as other references to creation in the Bible.  However, both creation models start with two accurate translations of the Hebrew word for “day”, i.e. “yom” in Genesis One, and build their creation models from there.  However, both models affirm the same, non-negotiable, and single fundament truth, i.e. that God created the universe from nothing via His miraculous and powerful Word and Will.)
Sunday, November 22 (10:45)
·       This session focused on “how big God is.”
·       The Trinity of God, i.e. three-persons/one-God was affirmed.
·       It was shared that God exists outside of and beyond His creation of mass, energy, space, and time, but that He entered His creation as a man (Jesus).
·       The Gospel was affirmed and presented, i.e. that God entered into His creation as a man to ultimately reveal the heart and love of God, to pay the price for our sin through His death on the cross, His resurrection, the justification of those who believe/receive Him, and of our eternity-future with Him in the New Heaven and New Earth that He will prepare for us following His final victory over Satan, sin, and evil.
There are differences of understanding as to the “when?/how-long” of the creation “days” in the same way there are differences of understanding as to the “when?/how?” of the end-times.  However, just as all differences of the end-time events agree on the single and non-negotiable truth of Jesus’ return and final defeat of Satan and sin, and of our eternity with Jesus in heaven . . . so also, Dr. Ross affirmed the fundamental truths of Christianity, and creation, i.e. God Did It; it was/is miraculous; and it resulted from His Word and Will.
Also, Dr. Ross is a Christian and a scientist.  Therefore, his scientific “lingo” will intimidate some, and cause suspicion of his motives and intent.  However, it should not.  In scripture, analogies are made concerning the Christian life that also can have their unique lingo to explain an understanding of God, e.g., a soldier, an athlete, and a farmer (2 Timothy 2:3-7).  We have most likely heard people from such backgrounds share their understanding of God via the lingo of their life experiences and occupations.  C.S. Lewis did this via his literary genius, e.g. his Narnia literature.  John Maxwell and other Christians have done this via their business/leadership expertise; another example of this being Lead Like Jesus, by Ken Blanchard.  The shepherd/sheep analogy and its accompanying lingo also describe the nature of God and of His people.  In like manner, Dr. Ross, a Christian and scientist, has dedicated His knowledge of science as a way to communicate and proclaim the truths of God in the Bible in the area of creation, but also in explaining God’s intentional care for us, the Trinity, the Gospel, and our eternity with Him in heaven.  His scientific approach need not intimidate and/or cause suspicion.  God has gifted Dr. Ross with a unique way to communicate God’s truth that can reach evolutionists, atheists, scientists, and general skeptics to the truth of God, in addition to equipping Christians to have confidence when sharing and defending their faith to unbelievers who use science and scientific questions as a way to “disprove” God.  Dr. Hugh Ross’ passion and life-mission is to show that such cannot prove God doesn’t exist, but quite the opposite, indeed!
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