Today’s Society

As I was reading in preparation for Sunday’s class, I was struck by this passage from a book by John Macarthur.

According to an ancient Greek story, a Spartan boy stole a fox but then inadvertently came upon the man from whom he had stolen it. To keep his theft from being discovered, the boy stuck the fox inside his clothes and stood without moving a muscle while the frightened fox tore out the boy’s vital organs. Even at the cost of his own painfull death he would not own up to his wrong.
Our wicked society is so determined not to be discovered for what it is that it stands unflinching as its very life and vitality is ripped apart by its sins and corruption it holds so dear. It has become callous both to the reality and to the consequences of sin, and will endure any agony rather than admit that its way of “living” is the way of death.
On the other hand, sins that were once hidden or excused are now indulged in openly and blatantly. Often not even the semblance of  morality is maintained. When self-desire rules, indecency runs wild and precedes to cauterize the conscience, the God-given warning light and pain center of the soul. Those who are dying are desensitized to that which is killing them– because they choose it that way. Even when held up shamefully in full view of the world, their sins are not recognized as sinful or as the cause of increasing meaninglessness, hopelessness, and despair. (Compare Rom 1:32)

As I considered this passage, I couldn’t help but consider how applicable this is to the struggle our country is facing today.
When the country elects people who are practicing homosexuals to congress, what can you expect? Their minds are not capable of truthful thinking rather self serving, perverted thinking. It was a short slide from a presidential candidate being pushed out of the race because he was photographed with a single woman sitting in his lap (he was married) to open homosexuals trying to push their corrupt agenda down the throat of all America.
And why is it that a coach who says “grace” at a meal can be sued by the ACLU but it is ok for a large group of Muslims to have a prayer meeting on the Capitol grounds?
I could go on with many more examples of how corrupt our great country has become but there is no need, You get the point.
The battle we see in the evening news is a battle for the soul of mankind. Let us put on the whole armor of God and engage the enemy. Speak the truth in love as often as we can but beware, the enemy prowls around looking for whom he may devour.
Be on guard!
Be confident in truth!

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