Christmas Shoe Box Opportunity

Good evening to all,

I am sending this letter to let you know it is time once again to think about Operation Christmas Child (shoe box gifts). These gifts, as well as the gospel, are given to children around the world, who may never have received a Christmas gift.
To begin this project, I ask you to pray for the people of our church and community who pack boxes, as well as for the children who receive them. Please pray also for countless volunteers that assist in packing and processing boxes around the U.S., as well as those who deliver the boxes.

We have several weeks to buy supplies and assemble the boxes. The Shoe Box Dedication will be November 15th as indicated in the bulletin.
We need all the boxes by this date if possible.

Brochures are on the info table near the fellowhip hall- NO war toys, liquids, or food. PLEASE use a standard size box (7 x 12 cardboard/ plastic) as larger boxes take up too much room in shipping containers (more boxes = more presents for kids!)

Once these boxes are taken to a drop off point (Tampa/ NPR) they are sent to Atlanta which processes (checks) them, and then they are sent internationally.

Please pray for this project, and give of your time, and treasure.
Remember, we are the body of Christ, so let His hands reach out and His Word speak to these dear children.

The Shoe Box

A simple box we packed today,
We knew it would travel far, far away.
Some soap, and toothpaste, a shirt and toy,
Small things to us, but to them, brings joy.
We sent a note and our photo inside,
several months later, a letter arrived.
It told of the thankfulness they had inside,
And that Jesus had transformed their own lives.
A simple box, the significance unmeasured,
may one day find a heavenly treasure.

Ruth Ann Stubbs 3/19/05

PS. Our family received 2 notes from families in India several years ago. One of the letters was very touching. You can make a difference!

In Service to Christ,

Ruth Ann Stubbs
(missions chair)

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