My Hearts Desire

One of the books I recommend to all Christians to read is “My Hearts Desire” by Dr David Jeremiah. I was talking with a friend last Thursday evening about this book and it reminded me of how Awesome our God is.
Larry first asked if I had watched the shuttle lift off and I admitted that I had not but went on to say that I have always wished to view the shuttle lift off in person. That lead me to think of the book which as I discovered, Larry had recently read.
In Dr. Jeremiah’s book he talks about how at a launch at Cape Canaveral there were news reporters waiting for the count down to signal the lift off of Apollo 17 in 1975. As they waited there were refreshments and conversation in a carnival setting and I can just imagine the noise and excitement in the crowd as they waited. The Atlas rocket is some 350′ tall and quite large and ominous.
Just as a side note, I have been to the NASA museum in Huntsville, AL and looked at an Atlas rocket laying on the ground where you could walk all around this huge emblem of power and force.
As the reporters were watching the rocket engines ignite and the deafening roar commence all of a sudden all the chatter stopped and all eyes were on the Atlas rocket slowly lift up from the launch pad. The noise was over powering and not one word was spoken but everyone’s complete focus was on the Atlas. Everyone present was in complete awe of the power being displayed in their presence.
What a vivid reminder of how God wants us to think of Him. He desires our “reverential respect” and wants us to look upon Him with a sense of Awe and trembling.
The next time you watch the shuttle lift off on your TV just remember that all of that power and noise is but a grain of sand on the shore compared to the power of our Lord and He is coming back!
Are you ready? If not let’s get ready!


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