A Highway of Holiness

Is. 35.8 And a highway will be there;
it will be called the Way of Holiness.

A few weeks ago I was asked to speak to the people who attend our “Love One Another” ministry that our church sponsors every Sunday. I was honored to be asked but was at first puzzled as to what I would share with these people. I have no doubt that they have heard a lot of “encouraging” sermonets whose purpose was to build them up so I didn’t want to be redundant in that area and then one morning in my own devotions I read the verse above. It was a great reminder that we all can be a “highway to holiness” if we chose. It was a great opportunity to remind the crowd that we all can be ambassadors ( 2 Cor 5:20 ) for our Lord if we choose. We simply must accept God’s free gift of eternal life through His son Jesus. I went on to explain how I, as a 7 year old child, heard my Sunday School Teacher share the “Romans Road” verses with me (yes the same ones that Edie has encouraged you to memorize) and I made a decision to accept Christ.
This is the beauty of the “Romans Road” in that you can speak with anyone and do nothing more that quote the verses. They are self explanatory.
What was great was here I am speaking to a crowd of people who are living in some challenging circumstances to say the least but was able to share with them that no matter where a person is, they can make a difference for God’s Kingdom by being His ambassador.
I believe that this is the mandate for each of us, we should be looking for opportunities to share Christ, no matter what our circumstances.
Christ is the only thing that matters, the nucleolus of the most important question we will all have to answer, What Have You Done With My Son, Jesus?
As I left the building I was pleased to think that this ministry is doing such a great thing. These people, young and old, are getting a great meal each Sunday and today they were challenged to go out and share the most valuable gift a person can ever receive with someone else, and that is an introduction to the Living God and His Son, King Jesus.

Let us all do the same.

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