Awesome God

Our God is an Awesome God. He reigns now and forever.

As I updated the prayer list this morning my heart was heavy as I read some of the requests and thought how serious these requests are to the people and families associated with each one.

But when I started to update the PRAISE REPORTS my heart was overwhelmed with what I saw!
I hope we will all take a few moments right now and review the praise reports.(Over to the left.)
To read the email from Sandy was a real WOW! what else can you say but thank you King Jesus. But don’t top there, read the report from Beth Byrd. She went in for a CAT scan on her back and once again WOW! The hernia was gone. And what about Sandy finding David’s ring yesterday morning out in the parking lot. And Philip has been home just a few weeks and he has a job!
I could keep on but my point is this. I have said several times to several people that I am not sure what God is doing in our class but I sense He is actively at work.
When you see answers to prayer such as these, you know God is showing Himself to us through His work.
We should not be lulled into complacence because we see these incredible answers to our prayers, but rather continue to fervently pray for one another and wait expectantly for God’s answer.

God bless you each one.

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