Before You Decide

Here are a few questions we should always ask ourselves prior to making any questionable decision.

1. Is this temptation a violation of scripture?

2. What have been the consequences of others who have yielded to this temptation?

3. If I yield to this temptation, how will it affect my life?

a. How will it affect God’s plan for my life.
b. How will it affect others around me?
c. How will it affect my future?

4. Am I willing to pay the penalty (consequences) for yielding to this temptation?

5. Will yielding to this temptation satisfy me or stir up stronger desires?

6. Is yielding to this temptation a wise or foolish decision?

7. How then could I do this great evil and sin against God?

8. A Christian cannot sin without taking Jesus with you.

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