What is Your Perspective?

The 5 keys of our lesson is summed up on page 30 of your book.

  1. Reaffirm our position in Christ.== We can choose to be confused about our dependence on Christ or we can rest on the fact that we are bound together with the “Body” in Christ. I Sam 25:29
  2. Reaffirm in our heart that the trial will be profitable.==We can have a doubtful spirit and question that anything good will come of this situation or we can believe Rom 8:28.
  3. See the trial against the backdrop of eternity. == We can choose to blame others, God (Prov 19:3) or both and have no hope for our situation unless our circumstances change or we can look for the root problem, determine to change or fix the situation through the power of Christ and look for positive results.
  4. Look for ways that our faith will increase. == We can choose to see our situation as overwhelming and beyond fixing or believe II Cor 4:16-18 and know that whatever our problem is it is only temporary when compared to eternity.
  5. Look for growth in your relationship with Christ.== We can choose to see trials as a detriment to or faith or we can believe that all trials are beneficial I Pet 1:6-9, our choice!

I shared with my children and still share with my grandchildren that the only thing in life we can control is our attitude. The good news is WE CAN control our attitude!

Choose to see things through God’s perspective.


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