Proper Perspective

As we start the third chapter of our study I feel comfortable with the title telling us to “Keep a proper perspective.” I use that phrase quite a lot with people who just think they have a dilemma going on when in reality they are temporarily inconvenienced. Some would think that a flat tire or bad haircut is the end of the world. It is so important for us all to keep things in perspective.
The first key is critical. Reaffirm our position in Christ. That is where a lot of good people have a real problem. As soon as the tension comes, some folks believe that God has forgotten them. In reality God knows exactly where we are at all times. In this weeks BSF lesson I read where God had Moses take a census (Num 1:1-2) of all the men who were 20 years old or older who are able to serve in the army. Now God was very specific when He told Moses to list them each by name. Now consider the fact that God already knew (Pslm 139) each person that He had Moses count so what was God doing? The motive here was to make sure that each person there knew that God knows their name. When we truly understand this FACT, we begin to see things from God’s perspective.
God knows who we are, where we are at, what our problems are and He also knows how things are going to turn out. That is a reassuring fact for me when I face uncertainties. It is good to know that God is with me and He knows me by name.
Take a moment to read Numbers 1 for yourself.
God is awsome and right here with us preparing us for some special project that He wants us to do while we are here on earth.
Never lose that perspective.
May God richly bless you each one,

Num. 6.24
GOD bless you and keep you,
GOD smile on you and gift you,
GOD look you full in the face
and make you prosper.


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