No Applications

Recently Christine & I were at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where we saw an incredible cornerstone in the foundation of one of the walls. This stone would have weighed around 300 tons! That is a lot of weight when you think that there were no cranes or power equipment available on that construction site. One of the men with us asked me how I thought they moved such a stone into place. I did not hesitate to say that they would have used a bunch of round logs, lots of rope and pulleys and a whole bunch of committed labor!
In Exodus 33, we saw today that Moses had no desire to proceed towards the promised land if God were not going with them. Moses placed a high value on his relationship with his Father in heaven and wanted very much to please his Lord. But he also had a deep commitment to the people he served. He asked God to take him rather than slay the people. That is commitment (and a whole lot of love.)
As we discussed this morning, any successful person has good relationships and those relationships are built on character. Moses was a man of integrity and was fully prepared to give his life for his brothers (Jn 15:13) and what a picture of commitment.

As we each go about our daily routines I hope we will remember that our top priority should be to introduce people to Christ. This is a mind set that requires total commitment. Let us all purpose in our hearts to commit ourselves to this task.

God is not taking applications, only commitments!

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