Looking Beneath the Surface

Our lesson this week was all about our need to not prejudge people when we meet them. I am very sensitive to the people around me and I have learned to look for where God is working around me. I will never forget the time I was working in Charlotte on a project and there was a laborer in our group to help the pipe fitters keep things clean. I am not sure of his name but I believe it was Ned. Ned was a very big (muscular) black man who was very quite and worked very hard. One morning I noticed that Ned was not looking to good and I asked him how he was doing. He told me he did not feel very well at all. Come to find out he was suffering from too much partying. I started to talk with him and as it turned out, Ned stated that he had driffted far from his roots. He said he was a born again christian but having served time in prison, we had not gone back to church.
Ned and I began to discuss spiritual issues on a regular basis. I even took him to see his parole officer one evening after work. Before I left that project, Ned was back in a local church. He had a girlfriend who was from his church and he was trying to live a life worthy of his calling.
Had I not taken the moment to talk with Ned, I would have missed out on the awsome blessing of seeing God transform that life.
In the lesson, we discussed John 4:4-29. Christ took a moment to strike up a conversation with a local prostitute and gently brought her to a place where she turned her heart towards Godly things.
That is our mission. Guide people to God.

Next week we will finish that discussion.

May God look each of you in the face and prosper you each one.

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