God’s Heart for His People

The last two weeks we have been looking at the subject of “God’s Heart for His People” and I have really been encouraged by the study. We first looked at Luke 8: 40-56 where we read the account of Jesus starting on a mission to heal the 12 year old daughter of Jairus. As Christ was on His way, a woman who has suffered for 12 years (isn’t that a coincidence?) comes up from behind to touch his garment.
There are a few things that really impacted my thinking as I read this:

  • The woman’s faith. Can you imagine her faith in that she was convinced that if she could only touch his garment that she would be healed. Wow! This woman was ceremonially unclean and yet she was willing to risk being in public and possibley being found out just to try and touch Christ’s garment. That is faith!
  • Christ’s flexibility. Christ was willing to stop what He was doing and help a person right where He was at! Now I would say that going to a person’s home to save the life of their child was a significant event. Yet Christ was willing to stop right in His tracks to help this woman. The lesson for me is that there is no mission that I may be on that is so important that I shouldn’t be aware of the needs of people around me and be prepared to stop and help them.
  • Christ’s compassion. When Christ addressed the woman using the word “daughter” in the NIV, this is the only location in the scriptures where this word is used. It is a very personal & endearing term. Christ’s heart truly went out to this woman and He wanted to help her.

I pray that we will all strive to develop a heart like Christ’s.

Please pray for Larry and Gloria as they travel to Jacksonville to see their friend who is dieing.
In His service,

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