IConnect part 4

Community is a lifestyle part 2
Well we wrapped up our series on “Community” this past Sunday and I trust we have all been challenged to get deeper involved, not just with our Lord but with our neighbors, our friends and most importantly our brothers and sisters in Christ. If we would take a few minutes to think through what we learned in the last 8 weeks it is exciting to think about what could be! We have learned the principle of living in a 3-D world. Always looking for the opportunity to share Christ with a friend. We also learned how to give our “faith story” in 75 words or less.
Most importantly is what we learned last week about wrapping all the principles we discussed from the prior 7 weeks, in a blanket of love. If our motive is not love, we are missing the point. That is what Paul meant when he said in I Cor 13: 13 “the greatest of these is love”. Without love it is all futile.
A great illustration of that love is found in Luke 19:41. Here Christ was looking out over Jerusalem and He wept. His sorrow was not connected with His own upcoming ordeal but with the pain and conflict that was coming on the people because they resisted Christ. That is LOVE. Let us strive to develope that type of compassion for the lost all around us.

Next Week
It is fitting that we begin a series on “Sharing Your Life Mission Every Day”. Through the six lessons we be discussing what our mandate from God is. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us.
We have had some guests with us over the past few weeks and I am excited to see what God is up to.

Don’t for get the memory verses on page 80 of the book and the daily reading on page 81.

Also do not forget that we will start meeting in Bldg. C next week. We must be out at 10:30 so that means that we will have to start promptly at 9:15. Try to be there at 9:00 for fellowship and snacks.

Have a great week.


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