IConnect part 3

Community is a lifestyle part 1
In our discussion this week talking about how the early church interacted with each other I was struck with how they each looked out for one another. This is a quality that is absent from our world in a large way. I have worked (until I retired) in the North East and have ridden on the subway around Boston on many occasions. I always found it interesting how people would go to great lengths to avoid having any contact with you in that setting.
There was a young superintendent I worked with in Boston, who acknowledged that people in his neighborhood had limited or no interaction at all.
When I think of community, I think of neighborhoods where people know each other and are always looking out for one another. The neighborhood where Christine and I live is that type of place. We know the neighbors around us and help one another as needed.
Monday our next door neighbor’s daughter-in-law came over and asked if we would look in on her Mother- in – law (our neighbor) while they were gone for the day. Our neighbors are like that. They feel comfortable coming over and asking for these things.
That is what a community is about. People helping each other.
Now if a neighborhood group of people (not necessarily christian) can look out for each other, what does that say about the church body? We should be setting the standard. And that is what Christ meant when He said that the world would know we were his disciples, by the way we loved one another.
So if we really believe God is who He says He is, and that the bible is His word, then we should be about the business of living in a 3-D world and being part of a working community.

Next Sunday
Don’t fall behind on your homework. There are 16 pages!

Coming attractions
Make sure you mark your calendars for Eric’s 2nd annual Pig Roast coming 12/6/08.

I appreciate each one of you,

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