IConnect part 1

Community is a choice #1
We discussed the first three reasons that living in community is a choice we must make.
God will not force us into the group.

When we examined the Deity it is obvious that God lives in community with His Son & Holy Spirit.

The 2nd reason to choose christian community is it’s who we are in Christ. There are some foundational building blocks that have to be in place for that to happen and as we discussed, there has to be a common faith in Christ, a pure heart, clear conscience and giving up of our RIGHTs! This is pretty sticky because we all think we have the right to complain when we do not get our way about some things, right? How about when someone steps in front of us after we have stood in line for 10 minutes at wherever waiting to buy whatever. Do we have the right to be angry?

The 3rd reason is that it is who we are by Nature.
As pointed out by Sandy, God willed the first 5 days of creation into existence. Never lifted a finger, if you will. And yet on the 6th day when He created man God took a hands on approach. He literally formed us with His hands and then breathed life into us. So not only are we created in His image, we are a hands on project.

Therefore, if God lives in community and we are created in His image, what reason could a christian possibly have to not be involved in a community lifestyle? Anyone will be hard pressed to come up with a reason not to be involved.

Next week
We will consider the next two reasons to live in community.

  1. Its what He wants and calls us to do.
  2. It’s how we bear witness to Jesus.

You were given a weekly devotional after class and some of you signed up for them last week.
Please be reading and meditating on these verses for next week.

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