The Single Greatest Gift

So far I am really enjoying this material. What I really like is that it confirms what I have believed for years, that introducing people to Christ is EASY! We do not have to have a long plan memorized or be a Bible scholar. We simply need to be ready to talk with people about their circumstances and look for opportunities to share our faith story.

First of all we must be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s nudge. When we feel that urge we must respond. It may be nothing more than helping someone with their grocery cart or picking up soccer balls. The Holy Spirit will tell us when it is time to talk on a spiritual level, first we must earn that privilege by meeting a physical need.
Second, we must be patient. God will draw the person to Himself, we simply must be patient! Be still and know that He is God. Just as in the story, Brian did not respond to Bill for over three years. We must remember that we may never reap the harvest from a seed that we sow but our responsibility is to sow the seed no matter what.

Please remember that we are ambassadors for Christ. We represent the very God of the universe. We must be about His business and it is no more complicated than walking over to someone and inviting them to be your guest at church (and a free lunch won’t hurt). In John 1:40, that is all Andrew did was go and tell his brother about Jesus and invite him to come meet Him. Read the story, that brother was none other than Peter.
A simple invitation can change lives.
What is stopping us from walking across the room, street, road, etc?

I trust you are doing the homework on pages 18-20. Please be in prayer for the person whose name you wrote down Sunday.

Next Week
Living in 3-D is next weeks lesson. On page 22 we are asked to jot down the names of people in your life who do not yet know Christ. What are 1 or 2 appropriate steps you might take in each of their lives to help them move a few ticks toward faith?

I look forward to seeing the fruit from this study and your labor.

May God richly bless you each one.

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