Our Unique Personality part II

Prayer List
Well I updated the prayer list and e-mailed it out and will update the list here in a few days. We spent some time in class Sunday going through the list. What a joy to hear of answered prayers.

What a great group we have. I really appreciate your faithfulness and eagerness to share. Be sure to encourage those who couldn’t be there.

We had a great discussion on Mary’s personality and how she is so different from Paul but yet similar in some ways. She certainly shows boldness because of her passion for worshiping Christ. She must have sensed that His death was emanate because of the perfume she poured on His feet. This act was a foreshadow of His burial.
What a model she was. Taking a bottle of expense perfume (worth a year’s wage) and pouring it out! What a contrast with some people today who struggle with giving anything to God’s work, much less their entire year’s salary that they have saved. Mary set the bar for the worship of our Savior and that is humbling to me.
Mary did not care what others thought of her actions and that is a lesson for us. When Christ puts an opportunity in front of us, let us seize the moment and not be concerned about the worlds opinion of us.

Next Week
Session five is SERVING FROM EXPERIENCE. Be ready to share a time when you sensed a “high point” in your spiritual life.

Last But Not Least
As we are being challenged to find a ministry where we can feel comfortable, be thinking about the possible areas of need in our small group. Look on page 44 of your book for a reminder.
If you know anyone who might be interested in serving in the welcoming team, have them contact me:
Paul Williams
352 428-0390

We are looking for more people to serve in:

  • Parking lot
  • Welcome center area
  • Front entrance

Don’t forget your memory verses, daily devotions and your 30 day goal.

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