Our Unique Personality part I

Prayer List
I updated the prayer list and trust that we will all be praying for each other. I need it and I know we all do.

Class attendance
Well even with Fay & Lamar in Daytona and Christine in Denver we still had a great group and interesting discussion. Thanks also for our guests and having Harriet back. I forgot to hand out any of our book marks but please get one next week and use it to invite someone to our class.

Recap of today
What an interesting discussion on the “Ideal vacation” I am always fascinated by the different things that people enjoy. But that is what makes life interesting, we are so very different and that is the way God made us. I have sat in a lot of airports and have NEVER seen two identical people. What an imagination God has. When we looked at Paul’s personality and saw the various characteristics in him and how God used him it makes me realize that there is no difference between me and my unsaved neighbor EXCEPT my relationship with Christ. God will take any person who surrenders his life to HIM and put their gifts, abilities, personalities, etc to work for eternal things. The only difference is the relationship! No matter what our gifts are, if we turn them over to God He can use them for Kingdom work now!
And then there is Mary. Not sure what you thought but I am humbeled by her humility. She certainly set us an example to follow. We must not allow other peoples thoughts or actions slow us down when God has given us something to do.

Next Week
We will continue with our discussion of Mary at question # 4. I would ask that you jump ahead to #7 and answer the questions. Then follow on to the SHAPE worksheet on page #79 to fill in that part.
Review question #10 and be prepared to discuss with the class.

Last but Not Least

  • Focus on your thirty day goal. How are you doing?
  • Keep on with your daily reading and devotions. Spending quality time with God daily is key to a good relationship.
  • Hide God’s Word in your heart through scripture memorization and meditation.

“Then you will understand what is right and just
and fair—every good path.
For wisdom will enter your heart,
and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.
Discretion will protect you,
and understanding will guard you.”
(Prov. 2:9-11, NIV)

May the Lord richly bless you each one,

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