Discovering Your Gifts Part I

Memory Verses
Be working on your three memory verses. Next week I will give everyone (all who want to) a chance to shine! The more scripture we build into our minds, the easier it is to know God’s will in all our circumstances.

Prayer List
Keep each other in your prayers. I will send out the list later today. If any of you needs to pray, feel free to call Lamar or myself at any time.

WOW!!!! 235 children, 100 volunteers & 25 salvations. What an awesome week. Thanks to all who were praying.

Blog List
I added a new box over on the left that has links to other blogs that you might find interesting. Check it out.

This Weeks Review
We had a great discussion on Spiritual Gifts. We discussed how no gift is any more important than the other since the gifts all come from the same God! God has gifted each one of us so that we might “faithfully administer God’s grace in its various forms.” Those forms are certainly different!
We listed out several functions within the local body, ie the “church” and it quickly became apparent that we all have a part to play (I Cor. 12:18) and God has placed us where he wants us to be, therefore if we are not serving, we are having a negative impact on the other parts of the body.
When we consider the fact from the Barna group’s research ( ) that most first time visitors to a church will make up their minds within the first
7 minutes whether or not they will come back a second time, we must realize that some of the least glamorise jobs in a church are also the ones that have the most impact! Think about who that visitor meets in the first 7 minutes. It is the parking lot attendant, greeters, welcome center hosts, etc.
We all have a roll and we must all pull together no matter what our skills are. God will use us if we make ourselves available.

Next Week
Be looking ahead at pages 34 & 35 to get a feel for what your spiritual gifts are. Remember, the seven gifts listed in Rom. 12:4-8 are motivational gifts. They are the gifts that drive us.
Ask yourself this question; If God were to tell you that you could pick any job, project, etc to do and He guaranteed that you would succeed, what would you choose to do? Your answer will shine some light on where your heart is concerning your ministry work.

Last But Not Least
Thanks to all who have been bringing the snacks. There are some open dates on the sign up sheet (see list at left). Please sign up next week for any Sunday you can bring the snack. Thanks Fay for your faithfulness in making the coffee. Thanks to all for helping clean up after class as well.
When we work together, it is a lot easier.

God bless,

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