A Servant’s Heart Part I

This Week
This week we began our study of what is a Servant’s Heart? We shared some examples of people doing things for us without being asked. I believe we can all agree that it is really nice to experience that kind of help. Mike have us the perfect picture of his friend coming over and modifying his steps while Mike was taking care of some car maintenance. That is the perfect picture of a person serving another.
By the worlds standard a person has to be powerful, wealthy, own a lot of land etc. to be “GREAT”. Pastor Ryan’s sermon hit the same theme (We didn’t collaborate) with how the world measures success.
If we are to be successful by God’s standards, we must look at HIS model. That is Jesus Christ. Phil 2:1-8 talks of Jesus being a SERVANT. If we want to be first, we must be last.
Christ chose to stoop down and wash the feet of His disciples Jn 13:1-17. If He can do that, surely we can look for opportunities to help one another.
Remember that Christ said that “by this they shall know that you are My disciples; that you love one another.”

Be looking this week how you can apply this truth to your life. Be prepared to share with the class next week.

Next Week
We will continue with question #5 in our lesson.
During the week be reading the weekly verses on pg. 81 of your book and memorize the second verse on pg 80.

Thanks to Fay for the snacks this Sunday.

Look over to the left for the sign up list for snacks.

Thanks also to the Keith family for the use of their home. What a great party. Thanks also to Eric & Edie’s class allowing us to join together with them for a combined class party.

Be inviting folks to our class. Use the book marks i handed out last week. We should have more of them by next week.

Take a look at the prayer list and be praying for one another this week.


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