You Are God’s Masterpiece 5/25

It was great to have each of you there Sunday. What a great lesson to start this series. To think that we are a prized possession of our God is an awesome thought.

Welcome to guests Jeff & Martha Tokotch. We look forward to seeing them next week.

Congratulations to Beth!! She was the first of our class to recite our memory verse (Word for word)!!

As a short review of Sunday’s lesson, we discussed one positive quality that we possess. It is worth repeating that God has “fearfully and wonderfully made us”, each one of us. God does not make any mistakes and we are His masterpiece. WOW, what a thought to meditate on. In our last question we discussed the role God plays in planning the events of our lives.

Please take the time to get familiar with your books. Page 81 is the list of our daily reading.

Next week.
We will begin with question #6. Consider this week that question.

Have a great week.

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